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Soil Preservation

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Our Sustainable Valorization Units are planned and implemented using the best and most innovative engineering techniques, ensuring that there is no contamination of the soil and water table, which are extremely important natural resources for the planet.We are committed to our environmental commitments and strictly follow national and international technical standards for the implementation of our waste recovery technologies., faithful to standards of construction and use of materials that guarantee the quality of the infrastructure.


Our landfills are built from a complex engineering project that includes a soil waterproofing system, a leachate capture system and rainwater drainage. This system is strictly controlled and monitored throughout the landfill's life cycle and ensures that there is no impact of soil contamination, ensuring the preservation of the environment and environmental safety.

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We guarantee, from in-house or outsourced treatments, the efficient treatment of the leachate generated in our landfills from the decomposition of waste. The treatment results in the generation of reuse water with quality standards guaranteed by national standards. We reiterate our environmental commitment to society, contributing to the reduction of soil impact from solid waste contamination in Brazil. Our sanitary landfills contribute to the eradication of existing dumps in Brazil, which still represent approximately 40% in the national territory (source: Panorama of Solid Waste in Brazil – 2021, Abrelpe, 2021).


Our waste recovery technologies also play a significant role in the management of contaminated areas, through the recovery and rehabilitation of contaminated areas. Thermal desorption technology ensures soil decontamination, allowing its circularity for other purposes. As well as co-processing technology, which uses contaminated soil as an input for waste-derived fuel.


In the constant search for environmental and operational improvements, we invest in innovation and annual environmental audits that demonstrate through the technical evaluation of operational data and monitoring of soil and water quality our rigorous commitment to the environment. Therefore, UVSs are prepared to manage waste generated by the population and companies, helping to avoid soil contamination.

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