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Environment and Solví's Corporate Action: content to promote sustainability.

Annual report

The Solví Group believes that the preparation of the Annual Report consolidates a structured process to characterize and guide the company's actions in terms of its impacts on the environment, society and the economy.

The sustainability report, carried out annually, represents the reflection on our advances and possibilities for improvement in management systems, processes and our strategy for sustainability. Each year, we move a little further towards our purposes. Check out the editions of the Solví Report:

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The Solví Group's communication management aims to ensure alignment and the efficient flow of information between all companies, in addition to strengthening the relationship and engaging its stakeholders.
For this, the priority is the establishment of communication channels that serve all audiences, as is the case of Revista S, publication in Portuguese and Spanish. Access all editions here.

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#valeu appears to continue the #UmGestodeGratidão campaign, covering all national operations of the Solví Essencis Group.

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