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The success of our business is intrinsically linked to the non-negotiable commitment to transforming progress and sustainability into a unique phenomenon, helping the population to make the best use of each resource. We exist to make it easier for companies and society to walk this path together.



Solví's Materiality Matrix consists of the process of analysis and identification of the most relevant issues for the organization, taking into account the business strategies and the perception of the impacts caused by it through the consultation carried out with the public with which it relates, its stakeholders. Browse the Menu below and check out our priority themes put into practice. 

Matriz de Materialiade


Nowadays, much has been said about the values and practices of companies that seek to achieve the sustainability of their businesses. Acting at the heart of sustainable development, meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same, operating with concern for the three pillars – economic, social and environmental – is the challenge for countless organizations from the most diverse segments. .

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Agrupar 1 copiar.png
Nossos Compromisss


Sustainability and integrity underpin all the Solví Group's actions. We seek   to leave as a legacy a chain of wealth generation and innovative solutions for our clients, establishing lasting and ethical bonds with our stakeholders, creating jobs and promoting the training of professionals and upstanding citizens and a society committed to sustainability. The Solví group has 3 Policies for the Management System. 

Política SGI
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