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About Us


The Solví Group has in its DNA the commitment to protect the environment, working to meet the basic needs of society and committing to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. With safety, quality in the services provided, integrity, teamwork, innovation, socio-environmental responsibility and partnerships, we always seek the best market practices, offering essential solutions for life.

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+50 years

of market experience

+50 years

of market experience

+50 years

of market experience

+50 years

of market experience

We are in

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We offer environmental solutions for public and private clients, promoting sustainable development and respecting the environment.


To be the best group of management companies in environmental engineering solutions for Life and a reference in offering differentiated, integrated and innovative services


Operate Safe | Integrity
Team | Innovation | Excellence with dynamism | Social and Environmental Responsibility and Partnerships

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Valuation Unitsustainable

Far beyond a technology park for waste management, as we generate wealth for society, the environment and your business


Adopt circularity and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Discover our sustainable solutions.


Find out about the advantages of multi-technology plants in optimizing processes and reducing environmental impacts.

multi-technology plant

Promote environmental awareness and protect our planet. Discover our environmental education projects.

Environmental education

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