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The Sustainable Integrity Program (PIS) its mission is to increasingly strengthen the ethical posture and absolute integrity that guides our attitudes and values.

PIS is one of the pillars of the Solví Entrepreneurship Model (MES). All Solví Group Programs are based on the PIS and respect its premises and guidelines.

The success of the PIS strongly depends on the commitment and promotion carried out by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors works in partnership with the Investments, People and Safety, Conduct and Risks and Audit Committees of the Solví Group, to assist especially in monitoring the PIS.

The success of PIS is also achieved through the exclusive dedication of the Legal and Compliance Department, supported by the Integrity Commission and Integrity Agents in each business of the Solví Group, which aim to strengthen integrity and mitigate identified risks.



Solvi Essencis acts with ethics and recognized competence in the management of engineering solutions for life.
To maintain this objective, it is not enough to offer the best services., but it is also necessary to maintain unrestricted respect for the environment and society, in addition to an irreproachable attitude towards all our Stakeholders

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