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Acceleration projects offer mentorship and financial support

In the Solví group, of engineering and environmental solutions, the forecast of investments in startups in 2022 is R$ 16 million, according to the head of open innovation and sustainability, Ariane Mayer. Among the support channels, SMARTie maintains, de  “corporate venture” (investment of corporate funds in start-up firms); and actions based on project acceleration, such as the SMARTie Challenge, open to any company, and the SMARTie Sessions, for active search for ventures.

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Valor Econômico

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UVS São Carlos Ambiental em Campanha prevenção acidentes com agulhas

Diariamente nossos coletores enfrentam os desafios dos riscos que envolvem sua jornada de trabalho, dedicando-se dia e noite, independente de sol ou chuva, exercendo um papel fundamental para a limpeza da cidade.

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Commitment to

the climate

The Climate week, which took place in Salvador, Bahia, between the 19th and 23rd of August, heated up the debate on the reduction of carbon emissions and possible ways to mitigate this global problem.

The newspaper of the capital of the State of Bahia, Correio, approached the Technical Director, Diego Nicoletti, to talk about strategic commitments to reduce carbon emissions from some corporate initiatives that contribute to climate resilience

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On July 30, UVS Essencis Caieiras received the program Revista da Cidade from Tv Gazeta to discuss the operation of a landfill.
On the occasion, Ana Carolina Luongo, Environmental Engineer of Solví Group, talked about the path of garbage - how a landfill works.


Ecoparks are an option to improve MSW management in Brazil

Examples in the country are still scarce and it is necessary to wait for the maturation process of the projects in progress, but the implementation of different technologies in a sanitary landfill tends to promote a consistent evolution. It is clear, however,
that a previous and extremely important step is to ensure the eradication of dumps.

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Public Cleaning Magazine Ed. 107th

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Clean energy

UVS Essencis and Termoverde Caieiras approach the topic Power generation from biogas, the story recorded by reporter Alan Severiano was aired in the newspaper Bom dia Brasil on June 5th.

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Reuse of water and

the environment

Canção Nova - UVS Essencis and Termoverde Caieiras discuss about water reuse and environmental conservation initiatives and had the participation of Luciana Gutierres, Supervisor of Environmental Projects at the Solví Group. The article was released on June 5th.

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Society and Solid Waste

On June 5, the Technical Superintendent of the Solví Group, Fabiano do Vale, addressed the need and importance of the collaboration of the whole society in reducing the production of solid waste in Brazil.

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Program Under Discussion TV Alesp

On July 17, a meeting was held at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo to discuss “Electronic waste and its final disposal”.

On the occasion, Luci Carvalho, commercial manager of UVS Essencis Caieiras, of the Solví Group, and João Gianesi Neto, President of the Brazilian Association of Solid Waste and Public Cleaning (ABPL), participated as guests.

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Tax Recovery as

a Strategy

The process works by eliminating manufactured and unmarketed products; a legal way to recover taxes paid to the government. Check out the five channels where the Essencis Taboão da Serra Incinerator Manager spoke in detail about the subject matter. 

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Make way for sustainability

In an interview with the CEO of Solví Group, he talks about challenges and opportunities to be a national leader in the treatment of solid waste. Voto Magazine Ed. 145 Dec/2019.

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Actions to stop

global warming

Global warming is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. This phenomenon, accelerated by human actions, has affected and continues to affect life on Planet Earth.
Therefore, it is our commitment as a company and as a society to invest in practical actions to mitigate and contain the negative impacts of our activities.

With this scenario, Solví, since 2011, has become a pioneer in the transformation of landfill biogas into electric energy, contributing to the international carbon credit market, in addition to the burning of gases harmful to the ozone layer through the UVS Essencis Taboão da Serra incinerator, in partnership with the UN.

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Recycling is the future of electric batteries

Reverse logistics is a series of actions that make the collection and refund of waste feasible, with reuse in any other production cycle with proper final destination.


"This point of attention with lithium is a challenge that requires local solutions, without large displacements of the product", believes Ariane Mayer.

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Profitable Waste

Discover the potential of Biogas collected in landfills for the generation of clean energy. The article comprises the plants of Termoverde Caieiras and Salvador and Biotérmica Minas do Leão - RS. Renewable energy has a very significant environmental appeal and that is why many companies are looking for this alternative.

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SP wins mega graffiti on the margins of Marginal Pinheiros

São Paulo recently won one of the largest horizontal graphite panels in the city. With a total of 480 m² - of which 120 m only in extension -, the work is full Marginal Pinheiros, at the height of the Jaguaré bridge, west zone.


Solví's campaign encourages the performance of women in functions occupied by men

To encourage the female audience in the month of the celebration of International Women's Day, the Solví Group - a company committed to waste solutions and energy recovery - created a campaign aimed at employees who work in functions considered to be male.

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Gazeta do Parnamirim

Time News

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Francielle Santos, olimpic boxer

Learn a little about the history and training routine of Francille Santos, now an Olympic boxer in the Brazilian team, who started her career in Marituba in Pará and was supported by the Instituto Solví and UVS Guamá Tratamento de Resíduos

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Landfill in Simões Filho has the largest processing plant in the North-Northeast

Águas Claras Ambiental's most outstanding innovative environmental solution is its Waste Processing Plant. Being the largest in the North-Northeast, it operates efficiently in this type of recycling and produces from these debris five types of recycled materials - matting, gravel types 4, 3, 2 and gravel powder.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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Biogas and its Energy Valorization

Brazil is still in its infancy to take advantage of all the potential that landfills have for the development of energy sources, income and jobs, in addition to protecting the environment. The good news is that  there are good examples in different regions, so it is possible to move forward.

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Revista Limpeza Pública Ed. no. 105

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Solví Group incorporates the ESG concept

Discussions involving the environmental theme have evolved a lot in recent years. Today, social and environmental issues and those related to sustainability in general seek to be treated from a broader point of view, with attention also to the way in which initiatives in this regard are conducted. The result was the creation of the ESG concept (an acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance), which, in addition to the environmental and social pillars, brings together the "corporate governance" component.


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Revista Limpeza Pública Ed. no. 105

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Solví Essencis and MDC to Produce Biomethane Gas in São Paulo

Unit in Caieiras will produce 60,000 cubic meters per day from 2023

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Valor Econômico

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Fintech de coleta de resíduos na periferia capta R$ 10 milhões com fundo do Grupo Solví

A startup Coletando deve ampliar o modelo de negócios e entrar em outras áreas. Para isso, está em negociações com prefeituras com prefeituras, supermercados e condomínios residenciais

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From waste to energy

CNN Brasil, in the PRIME TIME program, visited UVS Termoverde Caieiras in SP to understand how waste became a renewable energy source.

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Federal Government announces program to reduce methane gas emissions

The country is the fifth largest emitter of gas in the world. Biomethane production is one of the alternatives. Meet UVS Solví Essencis Caieiras promising this solution.

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Jornal da Globo


Governo Federal anuncia programa para reduzir emissão de gás metano

País é o quinto maior emissor do gás em todo o mundo. Produção do biometano é uma das alternativas. Conheça a UVS Solví Essencis Caieiras promissora para esta solução.

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