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Water care


Water is considered a priority issue for Solví, because in addition to being a very sensitive resource for the Planet, it is inherent to our operations. In our facilities, this resource can come from: rainwater harvesting, reuse water generated from the effluent treatment carried out at Solví's ETEs, purchase of reuse water through third parties and underground or supply network capture.


The company carried out a diagnosis of water consumption in all UVSs to identify opportunities for innovation and consumption reduction, aiming at self-sufficiency in managing the resource in the Group's operational activities until 2026, a commitment made in our Sustainability Policy.


The creation of projects and actions for this theme comes from an integrated work that mobilizes all the UVSs and several areas of the company, mainly those of sustainability and innovation.  The treatment of effluents transforms the leachate generated by the decomposition of organic matter into good quality reuse water for use in our processes, such as wetting roads and washing vehicles, which contributes to reducing the consumption of drinking water for these purposes and also mitigates the impact of contamination of soil in landfills.

Water consumption by source
Equivalence 1 m³ = 0.001 ML (acronym for MegaLitro)




Reuse water generated in the UVS itself


Supply Network

Reuse water purchased by third parties


Third parties that treat effluents


Third parties that do not treat effluents


Captured Water
of the rain


Potable water

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