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Social Pillar

Health and safety and working standards and conditions

By ensuring the mental, physical and safety of workers, we are reducing the risk of accidents and providing a safe and healthy environment for our largest capital, the more than 15,000 direct and indirect employees at our units. This is a material issue for the company and is everyone's responsibility, from the operational to the President of the Group. Its management is handled by the company's QSMA and Human Resources areas, which together take care of the Bem Viver and OPS! - Operation, Productivity and Safety.


OPS!, created by the QSMA area, aims to solidify a culture in the companies of the Solví Group of conscious and deliberate choice when it comes to risk. It is a tool that focuses on personal awareness to raise awareness and reduce or eliminate the frequency of unsafe decisions and behaviors.


Bem Viver was born from a multidisciplinary initiative, which involves the areas of People and QSMA. Providing everyone's well-being, whether preventing diseases caused by injuries or bringing emotional and physical health, the company ensures that everyone's daily decision-making is the best possible. The program is based on five pillars: Ergonomics and injury prevention; examinations and diagnoses; mental health; incentives, partnerships and communication with employees and data management.

Health and safety
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Guidelines to combat child labor, forced or compulsory labor

Guidelines to combat child labor

Grupo Solví repudiates child labor and any form of forced labor that reduces men to the condition of slavery or equivalent. This is one of our material themes and we are committed to ensuring that our suppliers and partners share these same principles. We have instruments that direct us and establish affirmative control actions and consequences in cases of violations.

All contracts with suppliers contain, in specific clauses, the commitment to complying with ethical conduct in line with the Solví Group's values, as provided for in the Code of Conduct that encourages the adoption of measures to combat child, forced or slave-like labor . All third parties registered for High Risk transactions are subject to Compliance checks. The company has reporting channels, which can be used by anyone, whether employee or not.There are not and never have been any cases of child labor or slavery-like labor in our operations.

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Clients satisfaction


To ensure alignment and efficiency, we developed the Contract Management Program - PGC, linked to the MES - Solví Entrepreneurship Model, which allows for the prevention of risks and impacts on the business. The PGC aims to guide the management of the Solví Group's businesses during the contractual execution, ensuring the expected profitability, knowledge retention and continuity in management actions.



Good productivity is a positive impact related to the diversity of the Group's internal public and this positioning also influences our surroundings to become more inclusive. Our Sustainability Policy is committed to avoiding any type of discrimination, promoting an inclusive and diverse culture for all employees belonging to groups considered to be minority and strengthening the social programs of the PPCS. In our operations, we seek to promote diversity of gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Gender diversity is addressed at all levels of Solví's hierarchy, starting with the Board itself, which has two women in its composition.


In the operational area, despite being a segment with a predominance of men, our staff has women professionals in positions of heavy vehicle drivers, supervisors and heads of operations, among others. In 2021 we created the campaign “Making History is a woman's thing”, structured by the People and Communication area, which took to the Group's social networks how this scenario is treated by the company.


The People and Communication Department is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and offering inclusion and training programs for employees. To this end, the Academy of Excellence develops courses and training aimed at the Company's various internal audiences.We use tools such as the Organizational Climate Survey and its results demonstrate that we are on the right path to meet the challenge of being among the 100 best Brazilian companies to work for.

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