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Equipped with multiple integrated solutions, our UVSs focus their efforts on favoring this sustainable cycle, with the integration of treatment technologies that transform waste into nutrients, raw materials and energy. We believe it is necessary to evolve from waste management to resource management, with technological alternatives designed for the reuse of natural resources, leading to increased productivity and business sustainability.


We are pioneers in technological innovations that prevent the negative impacts of waste, in all its forms, from harming the environment and the health of the population. Our projects and actions for this theme are the result of an integrated work that mobilizes all UVSs and different areas of the company. We won the first urban waste concession in Brazil and we have the largest multi-technological plant for sustainable recovery in the country. We implemented the largest biogas thermoelectric plant in Latin America. We were the first in the world to issue carbon credits from a landfill.


We started producing biomethane from waste, which avoids greenhouse gas emissions and replaces the use of fossil fuel. Two projects are being implemented - Caieiras (SP) and Minas do Leão (RS).

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